Marquel Underwood is currently the CEO and Founder of Intalogix, a supply chain business solutions software provider based in Kennesaw, Georgia. Before founding Intalogix in 2004, Marquel was a OH-58D Kiowa Warrior pilot with the 82D Airborne Combat Aviation Brigade. From writing his first program in BASIC to developing a high aptitude for Microsoft .NET technology in 2000, Marquel’s passion for programming and technology has enabled him to create a culture of achievement built on creating lasting solutions for clients, both domestically and internationally.

Throughout the growth of the Intalogix Corporation, the company has moved towards delivering digital and handheld software for the foodservice which powers millions of transactions annually. By servicing over 200+ distributors around the world and 15,000+ users, Intalogix has been able to bring the power and extensibility of .NET based software to the supply chain. Intalogix suite of products include OneSource, OneLink and the soon to be released iBistro.

Marquel enjoys traveling, flying and playing sports in his free time.