..one link between you and your customers.

  • Need the ability to allow your customers to order online?
  • Integrate customer created purchase orders into your ERP system.
  • Reduce errors and mispicks.
  • Provide intuitive reporting to your customers
  • Reduce orders received via voicemail, email and fax.


Why aren't you giving your customers the platform to order online anytime day or night to generate electronic purchase orders. Customers are demanding the ability to order online from their vendors via the web and mobile. OneLink solves this need while reducing hours customer service hours required to enter orders manually.

Less Errors Means More Savings

Web order entry reduces the chances of errors occurring on purchase order because the user is creating the order themselves securely online. Eliminate errors caused by poor voice mail recording and hard to read faxes.

Increase Sales

Train your your sales team on the advantages of web order entry and they now become sales professionals again and not order takers. Customers can place orders online in less than 3 minutes and electronically submit purchases orders to your ERP system for import.

ERP and Platform independent

OneLink works with any ERP system. So whether you are researching a new ERP system to manage your warehouse or want to expose web order entry to your customers with your current system, OneLink easily attaches to your system. Leave constantly changing browser updates and web coding technologies to the experts at Intalogix.

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