Meet Team X

Marquel T. Underwood

Marquel Underwood founded Intalogix in 2004. He is responsible for establishing and maintaining the strategy and vision of Intalogix. He sets the culture at Intalogix of being innovators in our industry and every aspect of our operation. Read More
Victor E. Jones
VP, Business Development and Marketing

Victor identifies and implements new strategic opportunities at Intalogix with key partners and future partnerships. He drives brand recognition for all Intalogix products via traditional and social media marketing.
Nicholas Krohne
Information Technology Manager

Nick leads the management of the network infrastructure that drives Intalogix's suite of products. The Kennesaw State University Owl brings years of experience in network architecture and internet security to the Intalogix team.
Bradley Larson
Senior Project Manager (Air Traffic Controller)

Brad is responsible for managing traffic in and out of Intalogix. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket infuses his unique and laid back approach into defining project objectives, creating schedules and overseeing quality control throughout the entire project life cycle.
Jeff Sayles
UX/UI Designer/ Social Media Manager

Previously Jeff lead cross functional teams in communication, production, logistics and field marketing for Red Bull GmbH. Jeff is responsible for bringing the unique look and feel to Intalogix products and promoting the Intalogix brand via all social media channels.