iBistro Winter 2014 Release

09/23/2014 - iBistro Food Service Application announces winter 2014 release: Promises to support the micro-supply chain while delivering SoLoMo application to its users

Intalogix, an Atlanta, GA based technology company focused on supply chain solutions, has announced the launch date of their newest software innovation. iBistro, a new supply chain application that supports the people and businesses that construct the food service “micro-supply chain” will debut this Winter, 2014.

iBistro’s focus on the micro-supply chain is driven by the growing need for better back-of-the house technology tools for independent food makers, food providers such as restaurants and retailers and the distributors who interchange products between the two. “As technology continues to change the way consumer goods are sourced, transported and secured, iBistro provides scalable, automation for smaller, more independent businesses to exchange products in our new digital, cloud based reality”, says Intalogix CEO, Marquel Underwood.

iBistro was built to address the growing need for efficiency and on a commitment to empower hardworking people and businesses that provide food products and meals to Americans and the world every single day.

In addition, iBistro delivers Social-Local-Mobile (SoLoMo) to its users—application mobility through any number of device usage points, the opportunity for online sourcing of local food and the ability to share fresh product news instantly through social media feeds—which gives them the chance to promote directly to the end consumer based on the strength of their local food, independence and traceability.