..in the Micro-Supply Chain

  • Aggregate all of your vendor catalogs into one single secure portal.
  • Order from multiple vendors from within one secure order management system.
  • Track invoices, credits and invoice errors from your vendors thru one management system.
  • User dashboard of your entire procurement process.
  • Share and view social media content of your entire micro-supply chain.
iBistro is a supply chain application that supports the people and businesses that construct the food service micro-supply chain. The micro-supply chain is driven by the growing need for better back-of-the house technology tools for independent food makers, food providers such as restaurants and retailers and the distributors who interchange products between the two. iBistro is mobile enough to be accessed through any computer, tablet or smartphone.

As consumers demand more local food that is safe and traceable, iBistro provides food service pros the tools they need to gain a competitive advantage over larger more national competitors.

Micro-Supply Chain Management

Utilizing the tested and proven OneSource network, iBistro securely processes web order entry from restaurants to distributors and grower and from distributors to growers and farmers within the micro-supply chain via intuitive web based and mobile applications.

Reliabilty, Traceability, Transparency

iBistro provides reliable, traceable and transparent electronic data processing within the micro-supply chain.

Educated and Responsible Sourcing

iBistro's reporting tools provide daily and weekly information on market conditions and regional pricing trends. The iBistro Marketplace provides the latest information on members of the micro-supply chain, from growers and distributor ratings and certifications to the latest in subscribers' social media activity.

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