..Connect Once.

  • Need to exchange data with your trading partners via any format?
  • Integrate external customer data with your existing ERP system.
  • Reduce man hours thru automated reports and exports to trading partners.
  • Connect to multiple trading partners with just one connection.
  • Save thousands in custom development and EDI development costs.

Intalogix Data Connection

With Intalogix's vast network of integrated distribution centers, the network allows vendors to easily exchange data with trading partners via established industry formats or proprietary data formats. Intalogix Data Connection allows our clients to connect once to our network and exchange data with numerous trading partners securely via AS2, EDI and SFTP. Exchange data with your trading partners in a common, simple, fast and accurate manner. Clients exchange inbound and outbound data via one single secure connection.

Your Format

With numerous requests for data from numerous trading partners in varying formats, the process of exchanging has become time consuming and costly. Intalogix Data Connection allows you to upload your format to Intalogix servers and disseminate data to numerous trading partners via a single format, your format. Intalogix Data Connection formats your uploaded data to the the format of your trading partner and exchanges the data via your partner's preferred connection method.


Intalogix Data Connection processes data in both direction, outbound and inbound. Integrating inbound purchases orders from trading partners is simple and easy utilizing Intalogix Data Connection. Whether you need to receive EDI 850 purchase orders or proprietary purchase order imports, Intalogix Data Connection will translate the inbound file to your specified format. Reduce man hours and errors by receiving your trading partners purchase orders electronically. Exchange catalogs, pricing, order guides, invoice history and customer sales seamlessly and efficiently via Intalogix Data Connection.

Time Savings. Reduce Cost.

All companies are looking to save money and reduce costs these days. Find hidden savings in your business by exchanging data electronically. No more faxing and emailing countless documents daily and weekly to trading partners. EDI was formally standardized in the mid 1990’s as a means of set data exchange between two business entities. The strict formatting of EDI documents, such as purchase orders and invoices, is intended to be rapidly communicated and translated by computers, requiring little to almost no human intervention. EDI costs can be in the thousands if not more, reduce the cost of EDI integration by over 80% via Intalogix Data Connection. Save time and money today via Intalogix Data Connection.

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